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76/132 (145)kV

Single Core, XLPE Insulated, Lead Sheathed, Copper / Aluminum Conductor

Applicable Standards:

  • IEC 60840
  • ICEA S-108-720
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 Cable Construction:

  • Copper / Aluminum conductor, stranded, round shape for cross-sections up to (and including) 800 sqmm and segmental from cross-sections 1000 sqmm up to 2500 sqmm.
  • Inner semiconductor layer firmly bonded to the XLPE insulation.
  • XLPE insulation.
  • Outer semiconductor layer firmly bonded to the XLPE insulation (the inner semiconductor, XLPE insulation and outer semiconductor are extruded in one operation).
  • Copper wires screen with semi-conductive tapes as longitudinal water barrier.
  • Aluminum laminated sheath as radial water barrier.
  • HDPE over sheath with semi-conductive layer.

 Short Circuit Current:

  • The copper wires screen is the short circuit current carrying component and its cross section area depends on the short circuit current value (according to client requirements).
  • Also the metallic screen may be Lead alloy sheath, or combination between both copper and Lead.

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