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Employee Benefits:

Bahra Cables Company has employees from various countries – entailing most parts of the middle east region to India, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. at various positions ranging from helper to technician and staff to managerial and higher management positions across different fields and belonging to different walks of life and cultures.

The benefits that the employees avail are as follows:

  • All recruitment expenses starting from visa fees, selection fees, flight ticket, etc. are provided by the company
  • All governmental related expenses (Iqama, sponsorship transfer, exit re-entry, etc.)
  • Family Fund Scheme which encourages employees to save and also to avail loan from the company
  • End of Services Benefits: As per Saudi Labor Law
  • Annual Vacations
  • Yearly Tickets: as per contract type
  • Company provided accommodation for technical positions
  • Company provided transportation for technical positions
  • Housing and Transportation allowances: for employees with family contract status & staff
  • Bonus and overtime: As per company policy
  • Medical Insurance: for all employee & class as per company policy
  • Housing Loan: For new joinees/transferred from other branch and family status contract
  • Bank account opening
  • Sports activities and recreation facilities for employees in company housing.
  • Training courses as per work needs.
For direct contact and any inquiries with Bahra Cables' HR department, please send your emails at

Available Vacancies:

Bahra Cables Company is always looking to hire skilled and talented professionals. Check the list below for the vacancies currently available in different departments:

Galvanization Operator  [ apply ]
Job Roles: Min Experience 5 years in the same field

Die shop Technician   [ apply ]
Job Roles: we are looking for Die shop Technician with v.good English, v.good in computer skills & have a diploma in Mechanical Technician

مطلوب موظفين سعوديين من ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة  [ apply ]
Job Roles: يجب معرفة الكتابة عمره ال 18 سنه سعودي الجنسية

Engineering & Maintenance
Mechanical Technician - Forklift  [ apply ]
Job Roles: Mechanical Technician for Engineering Department should have a diploma in Mechanical minimum one year Experience in manufacturing companies and Should Have Experience in Forklift Maintenance.

Quality Control
Chemical Engineer  [ apply ]
Job Roles: Bachelor in Chemical Engineering Three years minimum Experience in Raw material socially the metal Copper, Aluminum, Ferrous, Industrial / Manufacturing Companies Experience Advantage if he has Sponsorship Transfer

BEI International / Export Sales
Sales Engineer - UAE  [ apply ]
Job Roles: Sales Engineer resident in UAE have experience at least 3 years in Sales for cables and wires Barcarole Electrical Engineering has valid resident in UAE and transferable

Mechanical Technician   [ apply ]
Job Roles: Mechanical Technician for Engineering and production Departments should have a diploma in Mechanical minimum one year Experience in manufacturing companies

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