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Manufacturing Facilities

Bahra Cables Company specializes in manufacturing and distribution of Electric Cables has a fully equipped manufacturing plant using cutting edge European Technology with top of the line machineries from leading European suppliers and its core technology in production processes were provided by German Engineers.

Bahra Cables Company is among the most advanced cable manufacturing plant in the region.

1. Drawing Machines

99.99% ETP copper is drawn down to smaller diameter through various drawing processes, annealed and packed according to cable construction requirements. Electrically quality aluminum rod is drawn down to smaller diameter using top of the line dedicated drawing machine to eliminate copper contamination.

2. Stranding Machines

Are used to twist individual wires together in a geometric or non-geometric configuration to form a flexible electrical conductor and construct conductors in layers up to 61 wires in a single pass.

3. Extrusion Lines

This top of the line machine extrude insulation over the electrical conductors, apply inner and outer jackets of Cables and can process different type of compounds according to customer requirements with an integrated cable and single core and length marking and an on-line measuring and testing equipment.

4. Lead Extrusion Line

Latest technology in cable lead extrusion.

5. CCV Lines

Our lines is an state of the art machine’s capable of producing medium to high voltage cable and conforming to the highest quality standards for the usage of super clean materials. The process is computer monitored and all process information is stored electronically.

6. Screening Machines

This machine is used to apply metallic screening to protect the Cables from short circuit.

7. Drum Twisters

Multiple insulated conductors are assembled and enclosed called armoring to enhance the physical properties of the cable.

8. Taping Lines

Assembled conductors are further enhanced by applying tapes for armoring and water proofing.

9. Coiling Lines

To coil finished product according to customer packaging requirements.

All machines in the production lines are prepared for data communication and data exchange bottom up and top down using the most modern decentralized control software at the lines (PLC) combined with an efficient central steering and planning system focused on the demand of cable manufacturers. This way, full traceability will be guaranteed from production start to end, by being able to follow up the machines involved and the material used.

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